22, 23 & the mysterious burning knee 

Day 22

Another terrible night sleep which was very unusual for me considering I normally never stir. I felt very tired and lethargic and was debating taking a rest day. I met my sister for coffee at lunch and I noticed a weird ache/burning sensation on the outside of my knee. It got worse throughout the day and by the time I got in from work I was walking with a slight limp. I chose to keep weight off it for the rest of the night and lounged in front of the T.V.
I was presented with cake TWICE that day and TWICE I refused. I am truly a god among men, women and children. And dogs. They’re people too.

 Day 23

 I stayed completely off my feet today when I could help it, my leg kept me awake at times through the night as it was only comfortable to lie a certain way. It had eased by the end of the day but became aggravated again after walking home from the ferry. I was fairly pissed off because lately there’s always SOMETHING that’s not quite right with me. Is this old age? And also anxiety tends to get me thinking about it constantly, worrying that it could be something more sinister than a hyper extension or sprain. And the more I think about it the bigger it gets. There wasn’t much I could do so I decided to get on with it and limit my complaining. Another rest day for me. However my diet has been absolutely fine, no cheats so I’m happy!


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