Woahhhhh I’m half way there! 

Ok so the first part of this challenge was abit of a joke, let’s be honest. It was never really going to work out for the better with my birthday being smack bang in the middle of it but anyways c’est la vie! 

Now I’m in the second half, shit has to get real and I am gonna give a big push to see those measurements drop. So here’s how I’ve gone so far…

Day 20

It was Monday and I got up for bootcamp! Halle-frikkin-lujah! My legs were sore and tight from my mountain climb the day before but I powered through and was impressed with my efforts of not crumpling to the floor in a heap. My PT said my cardio seemed to have improved and it’s true that I wasn’t as exhausted as the previous week and I felt quicker on my feet, like a ninja. 

There were no slip ups or cheats on food choices and I made Singapore noodles for dinner. I also baked a banana bread to help with any sweet cravings which seem to be on the rise these days as I am constantly thinking about cake. 

My head is back in the game, eyes on the prize, all that shizzle and I’ve came to accept that I got lazy, my fitness paid the price and I’m going to have to be uncomfortable for a while to get back to where I was. Hopefully I won’t die. 

Day 21

WORST. NIGHTS. SLEEP. EVER. I woke up on the hour every hour it seemed, the Fitbit sleep tracker looked like a bar code. 

I was awake when my alarm went off and my eyes were stinging. I switched it off and decided to try and get some more sleep, and ignored the guilt I felt for not going to bootcamp. I bargained with myself that I would go to the gym after work.

I ended up having a big day with back to back meetings and interviews so was grateful for the extra couple hours sleep I got. Heading home I decided I didn’t just want to sit on the bike or get on the treadmill, I wanted to do a proper work out so when I got home I put on some gangsta rap and did just that! And I did not once try to talk myself out of it. I like it when I just get shit done. Long may it continue! 


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