Days 15 through to 20

Day 15

I had a long lie in. I briefly considered the gym but because I did 2 sessions the day before I decided I was happy to stay in bed just that bit longer. Because of that decision, I ended up rushing around getting ready for work and leaving my lunch in the freezer. I had to resort to Chicken Pho for lunch, I wanted a foot long Sub and chocolate so I’m taking the Pho as a win. I went for a walk on break, another win! Got caught in a shit load of traffic for about an hour on the way to the super market so I ended up doing the food shop HANGRY! I did not injure anyone nor did I buy any crap so that there, is yet another win! Got home and made sea food pasta, lil bit naughty as it was a cream base but I also managed to get some banana muffins and chia puds made. Finally sat down to eat at 8pm.

Day 16

Didn’t get out of bed for bootcamp…again. Had a prepared breakfast/lunch and took a walk on break. Sounds like an ok day right? WRONG! I went to Beardy’s Bar and gorged on hotdogs, wings, fries and beer while watching State of Origin. With a mouthful of hotdog the guilt and realisation kicked in that this 40 day challenge thus far was a joke – I’m not trying very fucking hard am I? I promised myself I would go to the gym/bootcamp 3 more times before the week was through. I went to bed after midnight.

 Day 17

The late night made for a late start the next morning which of course meant no bootcamp. FML. Ate a prepared breakfast and lunch, went for a walk on my break and took the longer route when walking to and from the ferry. I was dealing with some personal issues and that pesky black dog again. Lots of emotions and ugly crying later, I ended up completely exhausted. I wanted to eat my feelings and get a take away but instead opted for healthy snacks. Well done Smash.

 Day 18

There were more emotions. Total write off – I don’t want to talk about it. I did however walk a helluva lot.

 Day 19

This was one of my anticipated cheat days. I did want to get a bootcamp session in but obviously watching make up tutorials on YouTube is higher on my list of priorities these days. What the hell is wrong with me? I’m gonna be kicking myself come measuring time but that black dog was well and truly under my feet this week. The thought of exercising overwhelmed me. I didn’t want to deal with the uncomfortable feeling of being out of breath. I wanted to stay firmly in my comfort zone so I skipped another work out. 

I attended a boat party, drank copious amounts of fizz, after eating minimal food and drinking minimal water. I then went to Last Cowboy Standing which is a professional bull riding event. I stopped drinking and developed a killer headache. I ended the evening with a McDonalds!!!!! Drunk Smash makes terrible food choices. I NEVER eat McDonalds. All in all, it was a great day! Hated all of the photos pretty much, not sure if it was the make-up I hated or my actual face!

 Day 20

After several days of it haunting me the black dog finally pissed off just in time for me to enjoy my Sunday. I decided on a walk up Mt Cootha and when I say up, I mean UP. It was a killer on the chest and the legs but I felt refreshed and invigorated when I made it to the top. We had a late and light lunch of chicken salad and I made a hotpot in the slow cooker for this week’s lunches. We then enjoyed Pork and Apple for dinner. Not a bad end to the week or a great start, depending on how you look at it.





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