13 & 14 

Day 13

A day of rest. I don’t know how I dare call it that to be perfectly honest as I haven’t done a great deal these last 5 days! But my legs were sore from Day 12 beasting which means that I worked hard so I’m happy with that and embracing the DOMS! I focused on relaxing and preparing for a big week ahead, my food choices were good except for the cornetto I had in the afternoon. I also finished off a bottle of champagne because, well there’s no reason other than I wanted to! No food prep was necessary as we still had 4 frozen lunches, winning! 

Day 14

5:30am I hauled my ass to bootcamp and pushed myself as much as my back would let me. I had slight twinges but have been stretching out everyday to try and recover quicker. I felt good all day and kept my diet in check. When I finished work, David mentioned going to the gym. So I pulled on my gym gear and runners and went and done another 25 minutes. TWICE IN ONE DAY!  There should be some sort of award for that! My legs screamed at me all the way through!  And I am now finding it difficult to walk.

The wins:

  • Diet has been 90% there, maybes 80%…ok it been better than previous days
  • I went to bootcamp on a Monday, again an award should be given 
  • I went to the gym twice in one day – never in the history of ever did I think I would utter those words

Here’s hoping the rest of the week is similar! 


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