9, 10, 11 & 12 

So this has been a rather disjointed week, I’ve done things I wouldn’t normally do because it was my birthday and celebrations were to be had! Here’s a quick run down:

Day 9 

It was my birthday, YEY! 32 years of age, how did that happen? So I was pretty well behaved, I had a long rather leisurely walk around Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary and went out to dinner! I didn’t have my first drink until 6:45pm (astounding, I know) and I only had 3 drinks in total. Food was delicious so I’m assuming full of calories, I didn’t over eat however and I skipped dessert! Although the salted caramel espresso martini was probably as good as. 

Day 10

I made sure I moved today so I took myself for a walk around the city, met my sister for a couple of red wines (again a celebration for my birthday) then we took her dog for a walk the long way round, and then had dinner which wasnt bad but the couple more red wines and dessert that followed definitely were. I did only buy one cinnamon apple muffin to share when I could have eaten an entire one to myself so I’m counting that as a win! And it’s my birthday so there has to be cake. 

Day 11

I stayed overnight at my sisters, it was a rainy and cold, miserable day. My lunch which was leftovers from the night before leaked all over my bag, I spilled my coffee, banged my elbow and got caught in the rain, twice, all before 8:30am. I could have gotten in from work and gone to the gym to turn the day on it’s head….BUT…. I didn’t. I went home got into my pjs and indulged in a takeaway and a couple of glasses of fizz. And I loved every second of it! And plus it’s my birthday. 

Day 12

I had a glorious 9 hours sleep! I had every intention of going to bootcamp but when I checked the time, it was already 9:10am and bootcamp had finished. I never set an alarm because I’ve never slept that late before. Not to be defeated, I got up pulled on my gym gear and did a work out that nearly killed me. I kept wanting to change the exercises to make it easier on myself but I powered through. My diet was fine except for the evening, we went to a play which was a birthday present from David and had a few drinks and ended the night with a kebab! It’s my birthday after all.

So as you can see the last 4 days haven’t been the best but that’s why this is a challenge. There’s gonna be ups and downs otherwise I would have called it 40 days of eating, exercising and doing everything right! And as you may have established my birthday is actually a birthweek when it comes to celebrating! I’m not sorry for any of it, I regret nothing. Except not eating that entire muffin myself. 

The wins:

  • I haven’t drank nearly as much as I would have last year
  • I got up and exercised after sleeping in for bootcamp when I could have just started again Monday 
  • My diet hasn’t been all that bad aside from evening meals 
  • I haven’t beaten myself up about it!!! HUGE WIN for me! 

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