32 to go! 

My alarm went off and after the second snooze I got out of bed. I went to the bathroom because I had stomach cramps, half an hour later I was still in there. Eurgh. I texted my PT to get the work out from that mornings bootcamp to do at home and before I knew it, it was time to get ready for work. Not a great start.

I took myself for a walk on my break but that was about all the movement I did. 

I met a friend after work for dinner as part of my birthday celebration. We discussed anxiety and how that effects our daily lives and motivation. I said that I was feeling like a failure because I hadn’t done much that day and was doing more work outs at home than in the gym recently. And she then said something that turned my mood around. She pointed out that I had stuck at it for over 12 months now, I had been sick for 2 weeks and the exhaustion I was feeling was just my body still recovering and that I should not be so hard on myself. And, just like that I was ok. It’s so bizarre that I need for someone else to tell me it’s ok for it to be ok. It has occurred to me that even when I’m doing my best it still always seems to me that I should be doing more but sometimes there is literally ZERO time for anything more. My self doubt is something I definitely need to work on! 

So from then on I enjoyed a lovely evening full of popcorn chicken, watermelon salad, Nutella brownies and icecream and some pitchers of spiced rum, apple and ginger cocktails! 

The wins:

  • I went for a walk on my break, I also take the long way to work these days as there’s more walking involved uphill and up stairs 
  • I ate my prepared breakfast and lunch
  • Drank a shit tonne of water as I have been terrible at this lately 
  • I didn’t continue to drink when I got home even though there was a birthday bottle of champers waiting for me and I wanted to plough through it like Patsy from Ab Fab

I’m looking forward to reflecting over the last week and getting an idea of what I’m doing well and what can be improved on! Tomorrow is my birthday, I know there’s a few dinners/drinks to be had but I’m not going to get down about it or feel guilty as it’s all about balance. It’s not every day that you have a birthday and lots of lovely people who want to celebrate with you! 


One thought on “32 to go! 

  1. Well done, you do need to put the self doubt away as you really have brilliant self motivation so dont be hard on yourself. A big pat on the back. Xxxxx

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