The day of rest…


After having a lie in and having breakfast made for me by my better half we went food shopping. We also decided to get massages, I opted for neck, shoulder and back since I had been experiencing issues. It turns out there’s a nerve in my back that so tight it’s been causing my headaches. When she was massaging it I could feel it twanging in my neck like a guitar string. She then spent a good portion of time with her elbows in my back, pressing down so hard I was worried I wouldn’t be able to breathe if she pressed much harder. My siatic nerve has also been giving me trouble so she had her knuckles pressed into the side of my bum cheek. I felt like I had paid her to be beat me up. And after all that, she said she had worked it out best she could but the knots were still there and that I should go back next week. Im a little bit scared to now. 

We spent all afternoon in the kitchen making a tikka masala, banana muffins and chia puddings. We cooked up enough of a storm to keep us in breakfast and lunches for the rest of the week. We also nipped to the pub for a respite and again I did not have a touch of alcohol. I wish I could say it wasn’t bothering me but that would be a big, fat lie! I am becoming grumpier by the day. 


  • Shopped and cooked when I could have quite easily sacked it off and gone to the pub for elevensies, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner 
  • I didn’t drink any alcohol AGAIN, although this feels less like an achievement and more of a punishment 

34 more to go. 


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