7 days in

I woke up sore from my massage, the black dog was there and I’d hit snooze without realising. Bootcamp had already started. I rolled over and snuggled up to David but said out loud ” I’m getting up soon to do exercise before work”. My brain was telling me that I would have struggled with Bootcamp because I hadn’t been going regularly enough and that it would be embarrassing and I’d also have to change exercises on account of my back being sore. 

After a few minutes, I got out of bed and I locked the black dog away. I got out my yoga mat, kettle bells and resistance bands and wrote up an exercise plan, aiming for 2 rounds through. As expected when I started I didn’t have much energy but I kept going and finished the 2 rounds in under 15 minutes. I then did some stretching. I was still disappointed with my efforts. How had I gotten this unfit in such a short space of time. I hated the doubt that had crept back in. And I had yet another headache. The black dog had gotten out again.  

I reluctantly got ready for work and left the house later than usual. I had a meeting across the other side of the city which was a meet and greet morning tea as we are merging with another team. There was cookies, chips, cheese, crackers and cakes. I didn’t indulge. I then stayed back later than usual because I had gotten in so late and it was dark when I finished. I wanted to get home straight into my pyjamas, have a glass of wine and order a take away. But I didn’t. In actual fact, today has been a good day even if my brain has been telling me i’ve not done good enough. I’ve remained consistent.

The wins:

  • Even though it was only 13 minutes, I still broke a sweat
  • I walked to and from the meeting which is about half an hour altogether
  • I did not eat any cheats 
  • I did not have any alcohol 

I have a busy week this week with it being my birthday and have dinner plans so I anticipate a few late nights which may mean I won’t be able to go to bootcamp but I still intend on hitting my goals. As my PT has said to me before “it doesn’t matter where the calories are burned aslong as you’re moving”.  What I do think I need to do is up the vegetable and water intake and see if that makes a difference in my energy levels! 


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