On the fifth day…

It’s Saturday! Hallelujah. Oh wait, no I forgot, I’m in purgatory.

I had a half decent sleep and dragged my ass to bootcamp for the first time since Day 1. Holy moly and I thought that session was bad. I absolutely hated todays, really struggled and almost cried. My bottom lip even started going when I was on the sled (I effin hate that thing) but I managed to suck it up. The lower back issue is still a-niggling, I ignored it which probably wasn’t the best idea but I hate having to draw attention to my big, red, sweaty head to request a change of exercise. Anyways I got through it and I’m still walking so that’s always good news.

Today was Yoga day too. I really wanted to skip it but I just got on with it. However the routine had changed, I thought I would be doing the same routine I had done the previous week. I was sorely wrong. Somehow, the settings had changed on the app and I was doing the intermediate level (I discovered this after I had finished). I was “attempting” all sorts crazy ass poses that a beginner like me shouldn’t even try. Obviously I was shit. I lost my balance on average every 4-5 seconds, mouth like a sailor and just wanted to stop but alas I did not give up. The very last pose in the sequence is embryo, you’re on your knees and you sink your bum to your heels, lean forward so your forehead is resting on the floor, arms by your side with palms up. I was so eager to get into this pose as I knew it was the last that I put my arms by my side before I put my bum down so I ended up falling forward and face planting the mat with my arse in the air. I can’t see me getting better anytime soon. Longest 15 minutes of my life. So many emotions.

We went to see Wonder Woman at the cinema, I relaxed in with a hot chocolate while David drank wine. I only hated him a little bit. The couple in front were eating cornettos, I scowled at the back of their heads and thought about stretching my leg  over their shoulders and toe punting the icecream out of their hands. I hated them a lot.

Today’s wins:

  • I went to the gym AND did yoga
  • I didn’t eat any rubbish
  • I didn’t drink alcohol 

It’s been a long 5 days. Roll on Wednesday when I can eat whatever I want and drink a bar dry. It’s my birthday sooooo, you know, it doesn’t count. 


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