The 4th day

I woke at exactly 3:40am, I know that because I had been having a nightmare that my sister was being stung by a load of irukandji jellyfish despite being told by me not go into the sea because it would be full of them. But, nooooo she went in anyways. I woke up with a start and immediately started to fall back to sleep but because I didn’t fancy going back into the dream to watch her die what was almost certain to be a painful death, I fought it for a couple of minutes.

4 o’clock rolled around and I was still wide awake. I wanted to go to bootcamp but that didn’t start until 5:30am and I couldn’t lie there for an hour and a half because I would have almost certainly gone back to sleep so I got up and pulled on my gym gear. I mentally high fived myself all the way there and put it onto Facebook obviously otherwise it wouldn’t count and no one would know the amazing accomplishment I had achieved. I cycled for 7kms and then did 1km on the cross trainer. I was sweating buckets by the time I left, feeling very pleased with myself and loving that I had seen one of the ladies from bootcamp so she could vouch that I was there!

The wins:

  • It’s FriYAY!
  • I didn’t eat anything I shouldn’t have
  • I met my sister for lunch in a bar and while she was drinking wine I had a coffee. That is astonishing especially on a Friday, for me.
  • I got out of bed to go to the gym instead of selecting one of the 10’000 excuses I have catalogued in my head, in alphabetical order

What a beast I am. 


One thought on “The 4th day

  1. Well done I admire your motivation. And although your dream was scary it was better than mine I was counting and sorting pieces of wood, I think Allan may have hynotised me lol lots of love to you both xxx

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