2 down! 

My alarm went off at 4:55am as normal and after a fitful nights sleep I silenced it and rolled back over. When I woke up to get ready for work, I regretted my decision and threw a small tantrum in my head because I was cranky and not ready for my day. 

After work I was going to my sisters for dinner, she lives across the river from the city. I decided part way through the day I was going to walk there to make sure I got in my exercise. It’s a 28 minute walk (yes to be precise as every minute counts when doing cardio), it’s not an easy walk. There a 2 huge obstacles on the way. 

1- a gigantic hill

2- the story bridge 

I tackled the first with the grace of an elephant. I’m not gonna lie, I nearly died. Yes, I did lie because I wasn’t really near death- although my lungs would argue otherwise. I did not enjoy the burning in my chest and all the way up that god forsaken bank I made a deal with myself that I would never again skip the gym. I can’t stop with these lies.

The second, that bridge! I’m not the greatest with heights, so I walked across there taking slow deep breaths. My legs were like jelly and I tried to ignore the shuddering of the bridge when lorries were driving past me on one side and the sheer drop to the river on the other. The fact that there was only a barrier between me and that traffic was also making me nervous. That piece of metal was the only thing to protect a stray vehicle from wiping me out and plunging me to a watery grave. Anyways in the end I got to my sisters safe and sound!

Wins for today:

  • I took a walk on my break
  • I ate my prepared breakfast and lunch
  • I walked to my sisters even when I could have gotten the ferry across in half the time 
  • I opted for carrot sticks over the chips that had been put out as snacks
  • I drank zero alcohol, made even more impressive that there were 4 others drinking around me! I should be given some sort of award, I am a pillar of strength
  • I had icecream – I recognised this as my baby treat for the week!

In short, today was a great day! 


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