Day 1, 39 to go…

I went back to the gym for the first time after having 2 weeks off due to an inner ear infection. My fitness has taken a hit. It wasn’t pretty, I felt like Danny DeVito. I have also developed some sort of back problem too making it difficult to do certain exercises. My 32nd Birthday is next week so it’s probably my age kicking in. Oh joy.

I was measured this morning and have gained since my last measurement, I have however no idea when that was and although this is not at all surprising, I was still horrified… I wanted to throw myself on the ground in a tantrum but didn’t think my PT deserved that display and certainly not at 5:25am. Yes this is a negative and it was one of my rules not to journal the fails BUT I feel that this if nothing else is motivation to smash it.

My wins today:

  • I went to the gym
  • I had a prepared meal for lunch 
  • I have prepared egg muffins for breakfast for the next 2 days
  • I have prepared a soup to go into the slow cooker over night for meals later in the week
  • I did not drink ANY alcohol – this should always deserve a mention 

On paper it looks like a good day. I however feel….


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