Rejections knows NO boundaries

There I was lying on the sofa last night, watching TV, minding my own business and winding down from a busy day at work and suddenly a familiar notification popped up on my phone to turn me into an excitable mess. I recognised it immediately, it was of course to tell me I’d had a match and there was a message waiting for me. I tried to ignore the lurching in my chest and the shortness of breath; I scolded myself for being ridiculous and resisted picking up my phone for several minutes as if that would really make any kind of difference to this sad situation. I caved in a matter of seconds and opened the app to pour over the pictures more times than necessary and read the message attached.

So I’m sat there grinning like an idiot, taking a screenshot of the pictures to send to my friend so we could swoon over them together. I loved what I was seeing and typed out a message, deleting and retyping it several times like my life depended on this reply. Sat with my phone in my peripheral vision, I watched for any sign of life. After several minutes one minute I picked up my phone and scrolled through my reply and the pictures again. I refreshed the app for good measure to make sure my Wi-Fi connection is not what was standing between me meeting this cutie!

After what seemed like hours and no reply I decided to call it a night and lying in bed I was imagining all the fun we could have together. However it was only a matter of time before I started to question myself on whether my response was too eager! I looked at it again, confirming that I was polite and friendly. Oh, hang on wait “I would love to” – maybe that was a bit too full on.

Morning came, I woke up and checked my phone – No message. I showered – no message. I got to work – no message. I texted my friend for solace “I don’t understand, why message me and then not reply?” She told me to give it time as she didn’t always get immediate responses. I pondered out loud to the Universe, gesturing with open arms to the sky about what I may have done wrong all the while refreshing the app. That wasn’t the first time this had happened, I never heard back from the last one either and we were meant to meet the weekend just gone.

Now as I’m sat here, reflecting on all of this ridiculousness I’ve realised that this isn’t the first time I’ve felt like this and this isn’t the first app to have ruled my life. It’s dawned on me that I have experienced these exact same feelings of rejection time and time again. What is even more ridiculous is that the notification I received wasn’t from Tinder like you may have guessed but in fact from an app called Pawshake. Now for those of you who aren’t familiar, Pawshake is an app on which people can register as a dog sitter – I am one of those people as I have a canine shape void in my life that I am not yet in a position to fill on a permanent basis.

In summary it would seem that that finding a furry friend to hang with is as brutal on the soul as finding a boyfriend. What a world we live in. And for the record – STILL NO MESSAGE!

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7 thoughts on “Rejections knows NO boundaries

  1. Ugh that sucks! I’d never heard of that app (I don’t think we have it here yet in the US). I understand though – rejection in ANY form is a bitter pill to swallow. (I’m still in angry/bitter mode myself. I just found out that I didn’t get a job I’ve been in the lo-o-o-ong interview process for (about 6 wks total) after all that time obsessing over my every interaction with them, watching my phone like a hawk, fantasizing how it would change my life, and even dropping $60 on a business-y outfit for said interview. I’ve been handling the rejection exceptionally poorly, trust me.) ANYWAYS. I’m sorry that it didn’t pan out this time – can you maybe send another message back? Kind of like “Hey, are you still interested?” If nothing else, it calls out that other person on the fact that they reached out to you and then fell off the face of the earth (super rude). Hopefully the next one will pan out. (For the record, I’d let you borrow my dog! She’s an idiot Chihuahua with 8,000 health issues LOL but she’s still a dog!)

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    1. Hahah many thanks, I thought about messaging her but then thought what’s the point if she really wanted me to sit her dog, I would have heard from her by now. It’s so similar to dating its freaking me out! Many thanks, send her on over!

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