Shuffle Roulette

Isn’t it funny how certain songs hold certain memories for you? I never realised until just now that my iPhone is full of them! Shuffle can sometimes get it so right for where you are in your life, it can make your day brighter and put that spring in your step BUT Shuffle can sometimes get it so wrong and hit you right in the nuts – even if you are female! You start wandering down memory lane, paying visits to old haunts and bumping into them skeletons you try to keep buried deep in the back of the closet. Next thing you know you’re in a mood and this could range from foul, sad, depressed or angry! What’s funny is that these feelings don’t belong in the present but feel them you will! Shuffle is there to make your day or ruin your life (if you’re as dramatic as me).

I was happening  to be having a very pleasant day sat aboard the City Cat (a Catamaran that provides a ferry service up the Brisbane river) on my way home from college. The sun was shining and I wasn’t as nearly as disgusted as I should have been by the splash of river water that had hit my lip as the Cat had accelerated away from the last stop.  The sultry sounds of Mica Paris’ “One Temptation” were filling my eardrums and I was in a wonderful daydream where I was stood on a stage in a magnificent gown with heels higher than my standards, crooning out the song as if it were my own (we all do it, yes?)

So there I’m sat basking in the afternoon sun and then that first strum of chords announces Ocean Colour Scenes “The Day We Caught the Train”. Suddenly I’m stood in a field, in front of a stage, soaked to the bone from the all the rain. I’m at a festival and OCS are headlining, it’s my birthday and I’ve just found out that my very recent ex-boyfriend of 4 years has gotten himself a new girlfriend within 6 weeks of our relationship ending. Yes, it was me who ended it but here I am VERY drunk and swaying side to side, crying and wailing along to said song. I may or may not have recently vomited due to excessive drinking resulting in my emotional state. Brutal. Skip to next song!

“TiK ToK” by Ke$ha (don’t judge me) and now I’m in a shitty, run down club in my home town called the Ranch AKA  “The Last Chance Ranch” – it’s a classy joint. I’m on the dance floor with my friend Danielle (yes, I’m dragging you down with me) and I’m contemplating chatting a guy up who I’ve had my eye on for a while as it’s very small dating pool where we come from. With lots of corruption encouragement from Danielle, I’m on my way over, taking the bull by the horns and giving him my best smile when to my absolute horror he stops me with a laugh into my face “I’m sorry, I have a girlfriend” and suddenly he’s turning me around and shooing me back across the dance floor. I’m fairly sure he’s just given me a pat to the arm as a “Well done for trying, better luck next time” thing! I’m sure the laugh that rang out around me from Danielle was full of support and outrage at my rebuff. Next song please!

“Sun is shining, the weather is sweet…yeah” ahhh now this is more like it, the incredible Bob Marley. I’m back on the Cat for just a moment until “to the rescue….here I ammmm” and I’m on a dry ski slope, singing at the top of my lungs not paying attention to where I’m going. My ski’s cross and I hit a cone, forcing me into a somersault down the slope. Off come my skis, hitting me in the head as they go and there goes my dignity. I eventually come to a stop in a heap at the bottom of the slope; I sit up dazed and confused.  There is a terrible pain in my shoulder. I’m quickly approached by a very cute ski instructor and he’s asking if I’m ok, I respond with “I can’t move my arm…” to which I then roll my shoulder and continue with “well I can but it hurts”. He dissolves into fits of laughter and I am an idiot.

Saving me from my embarrassment is Paula Cole and her iconic “I Don’t Want to Wait” from the opening credits of Dawson’s Creek. Her sweet, sweet voice has taken me back to the cute age of 14 one balmy Friday evening; I’m walking to the Village in my town with my bestie Leanne. We do this every Friday. We get dressed up in vest tops and capri pants, with minimal make up and brush our hair until it’s like glass. This walk has one aim and one aim only and that’s to exchange awkward glances with our high school crushes. Its 5 seconds of butterflies and holding our breath as we brush past them but it’s enough to fuel our teenage lust and angst until next Friday. What a time to be alive! What do you know Shuffle has brought me down but had a change of heart and saved the day with this one! My pleasant mood has been restored and all is well. I quickly Google Pacey Witter to see how he’s looking – Yep! Still definitely would!

Well this is my City Cat stop and my battery is on 1%. Until next time Shuffle, it’s been emotional.

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*** This post has been rewritten as my original published post SUCKED!


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