New Girl on Campus

So I’m a student again…and when I say again, I mean that in the loosest sense of the word as I’ve never REALLY been a student. Unless I take into account going to college after finishing high school to study advanced vocational art which didn’t involve much more than sketching a large, naked live model named Thelma. I dropped out after 6 months because of a sporadic timetable and teachers/ lecturers that only showed up when they felt like it. At least Thelma was reliable.

To keep myself in head to toe French Connection or Red or Dead (cringe) I started working at 16 and I have ever since except for when I was made redundant or travelling or hungover.

I originally decided to study as a way to stay in sunny Australia as my current visa is due to expire and the only one available to me at this point is a student visa. I toyed with the idea of studying fitness. This lasted all of 2 minutes when I imagined myself in gym gear having to actually exercise and not at my own leisure. Then I considered outdoor recreation, I’ve canoed and kayaked after all. However reminiscing of all the accidents I had at school when doing outdoor excursions….perhaps not.

So here I am enrolled into a Certificate III in Business. Totally safe from harm. And do you know what; I am rather excited about it. I have no idea what to expect, all I know is that I have to attend a study day and a tuition day every week.

I’ve imagined being sat in an amphitheatre style lecture room with a moderately hot tutor (I haven’t quite decided on his age range yet, he could be young and cheeky or older with a charisma that Clooney would be impressed by) who’s so passionate and emphatic that he has us all laughing and having fun. And when I say us, I mean myself and the cool, eclectic individuals surrounding me. I’m dressed in jeans, t-shirt, Vans and of course my glasses – I haven’t decided on a tote bag or back pack just yet. Then I remind myself it’s a business course, not a 90’s chick flick and I’m 30 not a mature teen.

Of course I will be in the market for some new stationary. Bic pens of various colours (the trillion pens I have lying around at home could not possibly do), a pencil case to keep said new pens in and some A4 note pads with funky designs on the front to truly demonstrate just how cool I am. I’ll probably pick up a new diary for all my new scholastic activities and to book in all the inevitable after class dinners and drinks I will be attending.

Best of all – I GET A STUDENT CARD! That’s right, discounts coming out of my ears. I will literally ask at every store, restaurant and establishment if they accept student cards. It is my god given right!!! Not that I’m going to have any money to indulge in such luxuries as shopping and dining out. The best I’ll get out of it is a discounted travel fare which is still a win because it is extortionate!

I’ve got a month to go until induction so plenty of time to decide on what my tutor looks like and whether to go back pack or tote bag. Or get real, one or the other.

Until next time – PEACE!

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10 thoughts on “New Girl on Campus

  1. Be prepared to take at least one course in stocks and bonds. I fell apart in that class. Business Law will probably on your list too. I found the two law classes I took to be extremely interesting despite only getting a B+ for both of them. You may find that the management classes to be a series of mock circumstances where you learn how to figure out things and learn to work as a team. I found them a little frustrating.

    One piece of advice/suggestion: Get to know your classmates and become friends with a few. You’ll find them invaluable at times. And… have fun!

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  2. Good luck with the studies, other students and faculty. You are aware that dating students is never a good idea for the staff, right? May you enjoy the course, get on well with the younger students and enjoy learning xo


  3. I became a student at the age of 50 when I went to grad school.
    Congratulations on being Danny Ray’s featured blogger. I was his featured blogger too. Maybe you can check out my site if you need a blogging tip or two. That’s what I write about

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