Friday feeling…my butt!

I hate today! Today can suck it! And it’s only lunch time!

It’s one of those awful days, nothing has actually gone wrong but I have zero tolerance for anything. Everyone seems to have an attitude not particularly with me but just in general.

Could it be that we’re all just having a bad day or that I need to power down and recharge my batteries?

We all have to have certain tolerances, be polite and civil because not everyone is our cup of tea. And of course vice versa. We’re grownups after all and what horrible people we would be if we fired off on all cylinders to everyone who got on our nerves.

Today I’m at that point where i haven’t got the energy to try but try I will.

I’m not unpleasant when I’m in this mood, don’t get me wrong. I still seem perfectly fine and I’m still polite but on the inside I’m unsettled, irritated and giving out the middle finger to almost everyone.

No one will suffer at my wrath as a result of this mood. I just need to rant and that’s where you guys come in. All of you wonderful people taking the time to read this and relate to my frustrations.

I may revaluate somethings or I may wake up tomorrow in a better mood and feel no need. Only time will tell whether I’m being a crazy, hormonal lunatic or whether I have just cause.

For now I want to turn off my phone, shut myself away and deal with no one while drinking numerous cups of tea with biscuit accompaniments. However, I’m at work.

Rant over.

I feel better.

Thanks for listening, you guys are swell!

P.S – To turn this negative to a positive, here’s a picture of a lion cub smiling.

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8 thoughts on “Friday feeling…my butt!

  1. I’m pretty sure we all feel that way from time to time, problem is when it goes on for weeks at a time… I have been feeling very frustrated recently at work and at home, must be me though right? Still I need to find a way out of the rut before I go back down to the really dark places inside my head.

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