By the power of grey skull….

So here we are 30 days into 2016 and I am exhausted!

I have achieved so much in such a short space of time! But my goodness, I am ready for a rest and I barely look like myself!

My bedtime is now no later than 9pm and that’s just when I take myself off to horizontal bliss. My eyes are involuntarily closing from 8pm.

My skin has broken out, I have zero colour in these cheeks having been cooped away indoors for most of the daylight hours since the beginning of the month.

My hair is in dire need of a cut and colour and I’m in desperate need of a pedicure. I have the sex appeal of a carrot right now!

However there are positives on the back of this dishevelled look I am currently sporting.

1 – I have worked 100 hours in 2 weeks which means dollar, dollar bills aplenty to fund my penchant for makeup, pamperage (yes it’s a word) and more recently interior design!

2- We have managed to move house without taking any time off and furnished it to a beautiful standard without spending dosh we don’t have! This included the erection of said furniture. I now own tools which means I am officially a grown up.

3 – I have achieved a loss of almost 3 kilos in weight in under a 3 week period. This is mostly down to a strict diet plan involving the consumption of 2260g of cottage cheese, 992g of carrots, 770g of hummus, 984g of red pepper, 1602g cabbage and 1146g of bananas on a weekly basis partnered with the exclusion of minimal alcohol. Can you imagine how thrilling my life is right now?

Also these past 2 weeks I have been pug sitting the delightful Harris and Oreo as favour to my wonderful friend Mouse (no, that’s not her real name) which involves 5am starts. However the upside is that I get copious amounts of amusement watching Oreo bark at/chase flys, birds, and planes, anything she fancies really! Harris is a lot more chilled but has the habit of making indescribable gremlin noises while face planting the fridge.

Back to normality as of tomorrow AND it’s the first night in our new place. I CAN’T WAIT.

There are a few hurdles before we settle in to domestic bliss; we need to source and purchase a TV with TV cabinet, washing machine, things to eat off/from i.e. plates and bowls, fresh new bedding and not forgetting the mundane tin/ bottle opener. God forbid I begin cooking or drinking and I can’t get into said bottle or tin! Plus we need to do a full food shop!

This all has to be done before 2:30pm as I have a Missy Higgins and John Butler trio gig to attend with my friend Jennie in the afternoon!

And I wonder why I look like I’ve just fallen out of a bin!

Roll on Wednesday, as a treat for all our hard work me and the mister are booked in for a massage, reflexology and facial. Hopefully by then I will have started to resemble myself again! Yey for self care!

The morrow of the story is I am She-Ra, even if I don’t look like her right now!  

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