Turning that frown upside down

I didn’t make it home for Christmas.

We finally admitted defeat after the fate was left in someone else’s hands; there was no trust in this person so we decided to throw in the towel.

I was gutted. Every time I heard a Christmas song I got upset. Even the sultry tones of Chris Rea singing about driving home for Christmas got me sobbing. All I could think about was what I was missing.

In an attempt to salvage our Christmas, I went straight out and bought a tree, decorations and bunch of Christmas DVDs. We decorated the tree fuelled by copious amounts of Baileys and Christmas songs playing to keep in line with my traditions. Unfortunately in 30° heat it just wasn’t the same without our family around us.

I was tired of sulking, pouting and thinking about how terrible and cruel life was- I have a tendency to be overly dramatic when disappointed. I had 3 weeks to spend with the love of my life in one of the most beautiful and best countries in the world in the height of summer with a bank account full of money waiting to be spent! Could be worse! It was at that point we decided to embrace our Aussie Christmas, make new traditions for the future Christmases that we will be spending here.

After having worked all year long without a break to save for the trip home, we were in desperate need of a holiday so we decided to take a beach break. We rented a beach villa in Teewah. 5 nights in paradise and our days were to be spent 4WD, swimming in the ocean and indulging in generous helpings of Christmassy food and drink.

I of course took up my Christmas tree, collated a playlist Santa himself would be proud of and to continue following the tradition I drank more Baileys as I decorated it for the second time. David had the great idea of drawing pictures of our family members and putting them on the tree. They looked great until I got to the last drawing by at which point I was pissed from all the wine and baileys. The pen wouldn’t go where I wanted it to and it ended up looking like my dad was wearing bra – Sorry Pops!

Over the next 5 days and nights we drank more alcohol than I will ever admit to, watched Elf, Fred Claus, and National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. We played board games and drove up and down the beach. I tried 4WD for the first time and nailed it – another thing I can add to my list of talents. We swam in the ocean, collected a lot of unwanted sand in our swimmers and drank more sea water than cared for. I wore a bikini and felt comfortable which is a huge win for me! We didn’t wear any shoes for 3 full days. Absolute bliss, we even fell asleep to the sounds of the surf through our bed room window. The beach was just a stone’s throw away.

Christmas day was spent with our dear friends who kindly invited us orphans over, in our time of need! We devised a Christmas quiz for our host and their guests with a gift for each correct answer by way of a thank you for having us. Don’t get me wrong, they were the worst gifts ever. They included a Peppa Pig soap on a rope and dog treats for the canines of the household but it was fun all the same!

2016 has started with a bang and I intend to make it continue. A lot of lessons have been learned over the festive period. Make the most of what you have, don’t dwell on things out of your control! It feels so good to be writing again, looking forward to sharing more of my weird and wonderful world with you.

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