Christmas Blues

Normally I love Christmas, this year I hate it!

It was supposed to be the greatest Christmas ever! It’s supposed to involve us flying back to the UK to spend Christmas with each other’s family. I would be meeting my partners’ family for the first time and my partner and I spending it together for the first time! This is now looking like it may not go ahead and what’s more upsetting is that it is completely out of our control. Not only is it devastating to not spend time with family and friends that we haven’t seen for at least a year, we will also lose out financially by a small fortune. We have to just wish and hope that the cards are stacked in our favour.

As the hours go by, our wish is looking more and more bleak. I’m trying to stay strong and doing everything I can to distract myself. I know it isn’t the end of the world but it sure feels like it.

Either way we will be together for the holidays. I’m just hoping that we’re both in good spirits to enjoy them. Currently I’m silently cursing all of the Christmas ads, songs, and festivities as I simply don’t want to be involved if it isn’t at home with my mister and our loved ones.  We don’t have any Christmas decorations up in our house; I’m reluctant to rectify this.

There is of course a Grinch involved that is stealing our Christmas.

I’m trying to stay positive and I’m wishing with all my might but the Maleficent in me is telling me “you’ve had a good run for too long; it’s time for some upset”

So I’m sulking, my guard is up and we’re having a tough time; I know this is not a reflection of our relationship but of the stress we are being put under.We’re both ready and deserving of a holiday.

I’m wishing for a Christmas miracle for both of us.


10 thoughts on “Christmas Blues

  1. We are also hoping for that Christmas miracle, the important thing is that you two will still be together and no one will break you. We still have to keep wishing that no matter how small the chance of you coming home is it is still a chance and we need to grasp that with both hands and hold on. Stay strong, keep hoping, love you both xxxxxx

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  2. I enjoy your blog so much. You’re like me but the other way round (I’m an Aussie in the UK), so I completely understand. Sending loads of Christmas Miracle vibes your way.

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