Attack of the clones

OK, stop the world I need to get off! Enough is, is enough!

I don’t know if it’s just me because I’m getting an old fuddy-duddy (I’ve just hit 30) but I’m left in utter disbelief at the things I see on social media on a daily basis. Whether this is an Instagram account that wouldn’t look out of place on an explicit website or a page created on Facebook used to belittle the people who do not fit into this now plastic world.

Everywhere you look, there is manufactured people popping up all around. They have their own TV shows. They have their own platforms to influence the younger generation. Should this be allowed?  Have these people always existed? Perhaps because they weren’t “trending” at the time, no attention was paid to these types back in the day.

This is what the kids of today are paying attention to, it’s gotten to the stage where good manners, personality, morals, individuality and kindness all count for nothing! If you don’t score above 8 out of 10 in the looks department, forget about it!

There seems to be no holds barred. If they aren’t blessed to naturally look a certain way, they want surgery! Surgery was something rarely heard of 10 years ago (where I grew up anyways) and now it’s everywhere!

These kids want to look and act the same as everybody else. They want the bling lifestyle and that’s going to land them in serious debt before their life has even started.

They are all becoming carbon copies of each other.  They all look a certain way and act a certain way that is just plain fake! They dress the same, probably driving cars they can’t afford and carrying handbags they can’t afford!

They’re advertising themselves and their lives on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. They’re competing with one another and sadly they believe their value and worth is based on the amount of likes they get.

This behaviour has always existed, only now there’s more of it thanks to social media and reality TV for glamorizing vulgarity and materialism.

And guess what? When it comes down to something real like relationships or feelings, they’re only going to get back what they give out. They too are going to be fake and manufactured based on what looks good to the outside world.

If I have kids and they show any hint of growing up this way I’m sending them to live with the Amish!FAKE FACEBOOK

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13 thoughts on “Attack of the clones

  1. Well said Ash!!!! Your very right in what you say, I see more and more girls coming in to work who are primary school age, wearing make-up having to have there hair a certain way ( which all depends on which Kardashian is in trend that month!!!) and it’s just sad to see that they feel at such a young age they have to be like that! Social media has a lot to answer for!!! Xx

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  2. Very true Ash – we live in a very self centred world, everything revolves around material things now, what we have , how we look. Respect, kindness and love seem to getting lost in the grand scheme of things. Xx

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