….Love me Sweet

…..continued from Love me Tinder

Driving along struggling with my art of conversation, I blurted out that no one had ever opened a car door for me before and I immediately wanted to pull the words back into my mouth! I didn’t even know this person and there I was setting the bar very low on how to impress me! I should have been acting like I always had car doors opened for me. He smiled; we continued the car journey in polite conversation.  I was in fear of saying something stupid and I was a lot more nervous once it had occurred to me that I was trapped in a metal box with a stranger.

This stranger certainly had something though. There were a few times we made eye contact and there was something familiar about his face. I found myself smiling at him. I couldn’t tell you what he was saying, he could have been saying anything and I would have been sitting there like a Cheshire cat!

We pulled up onto a street to park. I climbed out of the car and along we walked.  I noticed he was slightly shorter than me, when we were messaging he had told me he was taller. (I was one of those girls who could never date somebody shorter). Although this time I didn’t seem to mind but because I can’t even have a passing thought without it coming flying out of my mouth, I ended up saying “you said you were 5’9”.

After gracefully recovering from my abrupt rudeness he held open the door of Gerties and I walked inside. The place was idyllic. Dark wood furnishings, soft mood lighting with twinkling fairy lights dancing around displays of vintage wine bottles. I remember praying that I didn’t stack it (fall over) on the wood floors.

We sat at a high table by the bar and drank beer from the bottle. The conversation flowed; we had both visibly relaxed since arriving in an open space with a funky atmosphere. We discussed arriving in Australia, he talked about his work and we just expanded on things mentioned through messaging. At some point he began removing his tie and there they were! A silver chain and a St Christopher hung around his neck. I mentioned it (obviously) and he laughed, referring to my dislikes on my Tinder profile.  I spent 5 minutes deciding if it was something I could live with before coming to the conclusion that it wasn’t that bad.

We’d been there about an hour and a half when he pointed out that he had drank his max if he were to drive me home. I was having such a great time and didn’t want it to end but it was just supposed to a quick drink. To my relief he followed with, he would be happy to stay as long as I was happy to be dropped off by him in a taxi? I agreed, he explained that he would have to move his car to avoid parking fines. I began obsessing that he had used this excuse to ditch me; I was busy planning on how I would get home when he walked back through the door with a smile to die for!

We drank and laughed all night. We somehow discussed all of my worst dates because I’m a freak (who even does that?) but he seemed entertained by it and used this as guidelines on not what to do on our next date! I said I had never been taken out for a fancy dinner on a date and that made up his mind where he wanted to take me on Sunday.

He was a perfect gentleman, switching seats with me when the bar grew busy so no one knocked into me in passing and he only allowed me to buy him one drink all night. The only thing that threw me was that he received a phone call that he went outside to take and he was gone for a good 15 minutes. I had of course convinced myself that he had a girlfriend (he has since been grilled about this and that was not the case). He more than made up for this misdemeanour the rest of the evening.

Toward closing time, he leaned in close and stroked the hair down the side of my face stating that it framed my eyes perfectly. I very nearly fell out of my seat but managed to keep my composure until several minutes later I announced that this was the BEST date I had ever been on! Has anyone seen a filter?? I think I may have lost mine!

It was 1am and the bar was closing. We walked hand in hand to catch a cab and I didn’t even care it was raining. I was smitten!

We kissed just the once, when saying goodbye. It was the most perfect kiss imaginable. I could hardly believe my luck! I skipped all the way to bed and could hardly wait to see him again on Sunday for our “Official” first date! This “Unofficial” first date hadn’t yet ended as we still seemed drawn to each other. We carried on chatting until the early hours using the pitch black, one eye texting technique.

This sounds like it all should have blown up in my face, that I should have suffered embarrassment for getting my hopes up so soon! It sounds like I should have spent a week of cursing men, stuffing my face with chocolate and chugging down too much wine. Maybes sending a gazillion hateful messages to him and then to become absolutely devastated and angry when I became blocked!  These things never turn out for the best!

Yet…we’re still together 18 months later, except a slight hiccup in the early stages (he probably didn’t know how to handle the crazy) and we’re really flippin’ happy! Like I said at the start, there was something about his face that was familiar to me. He’s like a song I’ve always known the words to. He’s my lobster!

 Sometimes, it just works!

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